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-Business identity

VS Athens Limo Tour (hereinafter VS Athens Limo Tour or the company), located in Daphne, Attica, at 27 Pipinou Street, is the legal owner and administrator of this Website. The Website was created for the purpose of providing transportation services. The existing as well as any new services included in the Website are subject to these terms of use.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Website. Your visit and use of this Website indicates your consent to be bound by these Terms and your unconditional acceptance of them in their entirety.


Except in cases expressly excluded, the copyright and the content of the Website including logos, as well as any kind of material and information, are the exclusive property of VS Athens Limo Tour and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek Law, European Law and International Treaties.

It is forbidden to copy, use, reproduce, modify, change, publish, broadcast, distribute, sell or transfer in whole or in part, any material of this Website, and in general the exploitation in any way of any part of its content, without the prior express written permission of VS Athens Limo Tour. However, the user may print, copy or download the contents for personal (non-commercial) use.

-Protection of minors

The use of the Website by minors is prohibited. Use of the Website by minors may only take place with the express consent and supervision of their parents or persons exercising custody. In the event of use of the Website by minors, the responsibility shall be borne solely by their guardians.


VS Athens Limo Tour reserves the right to make improvements or changes to the information, services and generally to the material and all the content of this Website, as well as to terminate its operation at any time with or without notice to users. Furthermore, the company may modify these Terms of Use, at any time, and these modifications will be effective from the moment they are published on this Website. In such cases, continued use of this Website will indicate the user’s acceptance of the modified Terms. Users of the Website must regularly check for any changes – amendments to the Terms of Use of the Website.

-Limitation of liability – Obligations

VS Athens Limo Tour is not liable in any case for any damage that may be caused to the user by the use of the website in general. The company makes every effort to ensure that the information provided through this Website is accurate. However, it does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the information and material and expressly disclaims any liability for errors or omissions regarding the information and data.

Any links to other websites are provided solely for the convenience of visitors and should not be construed in any way as an endorsement of them. VS Athens Limo Tour bears no responsibility for the content of the above websites, such as for the protection of personal data, since they are beyond its control. Users are solely responsible for the information, study and acceptance of the terms and conditions of use of such websites.

-Protection of personal data

VS Athens Limo Tour guarantees the protection of all sensitive personal data of the user. Under no circumstances will the company disclose in any way the information entrusted to it by the users.

The company reserves the right to collect, maintain and process the personal – non-sensitive – data that users voluntarily disclose to it, who may, however, raise any objections regarding the processing of such data at any time.

-Payment methods

By credit/debit card via vivawallet.

-Applicable law – other terms

The above terms of use of the Website, as well as any modification or alteration thereof, are governed by national law, European law and the relevant International Treaties. Any provision of the above terms that is found to be contrary to the aforementioned legal framework or becomes invalid shall automatically cease to be valid and shall be removed from the present, without, however, in any case affecting the validity of the other terms. No modification of these Terms of Use shall be taken into account and shall not form part of the Agreement , unless it is in writing and expressly incorporated herein. This constitutes the agreement between VS Athens Limo Tour and the user.

It is expressly agreed that any disputes that may arise from the application of the above Terms of Use (as well as from the general use of the Website by the user), if it is not possible to resolve them out of court and amicably, are governed by Greek Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek Courts and in particular the Courts of Athens.

For any communication or information (especially if it concerns the use of intellectual property rights) you can contact by mail at: info@athenslimotour.com or by calling 212 102 66 27. Owner : Velislava Ruseva Business Details : VS Athens Limo Tour , 27 Pippinou 27 Dafni-Attica , zip code ???? , VAT ???? , tel. +30 212 102 66 27 and +30 697 45 86 062, mail : info@athenslimotour.com